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At Triangle Auto Recyclers we don’t just sell the parts you need to fix your vehicle, we also offer a variety of services available to our customers just in case they need a hand fixing their automobile.

Auto Repair & Services we provide:

  1. Engine & Transmission Repair: The automobile transmission… probably the scariest part in your vehicle. You should have heard all the horror stories about the cost and headaches associated with transmission problems and have dreaded the day when it might happen to you.

From manual to automatic transmission repair, Triangle knows how to fix the problem. Our knowledgeable auto experts will diagnose the situation and help you make a decision. Leave the dirty work to us and we will do the rest.

  1. Check Engine Light: When that check engine light comes on, it can be the start of a long, hassle-filled ordeal. You can make it a little less expensive, though, by taking your car to an auto parts store and asking for some free diagnostics.

Don’t panic. Triangle offers a Free Check Engine Light Code Retrieval Service designed to provide the answers you need. Once the fault code (also known as OBD II code) is retrieved from your engine’s onboard computer, a professional Triangle Boys technician will discuss your diagnostic options, to help get you on the road quickly as possible.

  1. Oil Changes & Maintenance: Maintenance work, big or small, is essential to your vehicle proper operation. And when problems occur, it becomes very important to have proper repair work done. Today’s engines are marvels of high technology. But they still need protection from the rigours of stop-and-go driving, dusty or muddy roads, extreme temperature changes and other severe driving conditions. Oil eventually starts to turn into jelly. Literally – petroleum jelly. Sludge clogs up oil passages and keeps oil from getting to some areas of the engine, causing parts to wear out prematurely. And that means expensive engine repairs.

That’s why you need to change the oil and oil filter on schedule – to get the old oil out before it turns to sludge. Your manufacturer will have a recommendation for how many miles you can go between oil changes.

They also usually have a number of months between recommended oil changes. That’s because the detergents and other additives in the oil break down over time.

Always refer to your vehicle’s owner manual for recommended procedures and maintenance schedules.

  1. Engine Tune-Ups: Completing an engine tune up isn’t difficult at all. But, keep in mind that car engines have slightly different configurations. Your engine may not need all the parts mentioned, or it may require some not mentioned. Consult your repair or owner’s manual for exact maintenance schedules and requirements.

Preventative maintenance, such as a tune-up or an oil change, is the best thing you can do for auto engines. Advance Auto Parts carries quality auto parts and accessories that make car engines purr.

  1. Injector Cleaning: The fuel injector is basically a tiny electric valve which opens and closes with an electric signal. In the picture below you can see the injectors towards the outer part of the intake. By injecting the fuel close to the cylinder head the fuel stays atomized ( in tiny particles ) so it will burn better when ignited by the spark plug.

Fuel injector cleaning is important to maximize your car’s performance. Dirty fuel injectors can result in poor acceleration, lower power, poor fuel economy, rough idling and an incorrect air/fuel mix. They can also lead to higher carbon monoxide emissions.

We recommend you schedule a time to clean your car’s fuel injector every 25,000 miles. Regular fuel injector cleaning will improve your vehicle’s acceleration. You will save money on gas and cut down on harmful emissions. It can even extend the life of your engine.

  1. Brakes and Suspension: Maintaining your own truck or car brakes is an optimal way to ensure they’re always in top shape. From car brake pads and shoes, to calipers, rotors, master cylinders and brake hardware, we’ve got the parts for most every brake job. Also, browse our wide selection of steering and suspension parts, shocks, struts and more.
  2. Starters & Alternators: A/C Service & Repair: When auto air conditioning systems break down, refrigerant leaks. Not only is refrigerant harmful to the environment, it’s also harmful to your car. Leaking refrigerant can damage your vehicle’s evaporator and compressor. Getting a car air conditioner service at the first sign of trouble will save you both money and time. Come to us for an AC service repair before any damage spreads.

Your car is in good hands with our expert auto technicians, and they will examine your car’s A/C system to see if there is a leak – and if there is, they’ll stop it in their tracks before it can affect anything else. When temperatures rise, there’s nothing more refreshing than climbing into a cool, air-conditioned car.

  1. Radiators & Cooling System: The modern cooling system has not changed much from the cooling systems in the model T back in the ’20s. Oh sure, it has become infinitely more reliable and efficient at doing its job, but the basic cooling system still consists of liquid coolant being circulated through the engine, then out to the radiator to be cooled by the air stream coming through the front grill of the vehicle.

Today’s cooling system must maintain the engine at a constant temperature whether the outside air temperature is 110 degrees Fahrenheit or 10 below zero.  If the engine temperature is too low, fuel economy will suffer and emissions will rise.  If the temperature is allowed to get too hot for too long, the engine will self destruct.

At least every two years, your vehicle’s cooling system should be drained, flushed and refilled to replenish the antifreeze mixture and prevent the formation of rust and scale. Rust and scale can impair the cooling system’s performance and cause damage to the engine. These instructions will help you drain, flush and refill most popular vehicles. Although replacing coolant isn’t difficult, be sure to READ these instructions completely before you begin working. Make sure you get the correct coolant for your car.

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